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The NSW Young Farmer Business Program is dedicated to empowering the next generation of farmers by providing them with business skills and resources to succeed in farming enterprises in a rapidly evolving industry.

Whether young farmers are just starting out in the industry, looking to create their own businesses, or expand and grow existing family operations, the Young Farmer Business Program will provide them with tools and guidance to make informed decisions and achieve their individual business goals.

The program offers a wide range of services and support, including financial education, business planning and succession planning assistance, and networking opportunities with other young farmers across NSW.

The program was established in April 2016 as a partnership between the NSW Department of Primary Industries and NSW Farmers as a result of a Ministerial Young Farmer Finance Roundtable held in December 2015 where it was identified that more support was needed to support the next generation of farmers.

The current program is funded through the 2021 Storm and Flood Industry Recovery Program to support sector-wide recovery and resilience following the 2021 storms and floods that effected large parts of NSW.

At the core of the program is a commitment to help young farmers embrace resilience, innovation, and sustainability to enable young farmers to thrive in agribusiness.

The NSW Young Farmer Business Program is committed to fostering a vibrant and resilient agricultural sector by empowering young farmers to take charge of their businesses and embrace both the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

By investing in the success of young farmers today, we are securing a prosperous and sustainable future for agriculture in NSW.

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Vicki Priest - Program Manager

Vicki is located in the Central West of NSW in Orange, where she is the leader and Program Manager for the Young Farmer Business Program  (YFBP), bringing a wealth of experience and passion for agriculture and business to her role.

With a strong belief in the power of agricultural education and mentorship, Vicki is dedicated to empowering young farmers and agripreneurs, helping them to navigate the complexities of modern farming businesses.

Her expertise encompasses a broad range of areas including business planning, marketing, operational improvements, and managing financial resources.

Vicki is passionate about what the YFBP can offer with networking opportunities, workshops, online toolkits, podcasts, and case studies, designed to support and cultivate the skills and knowledge required for success in agricultural farming business.

She is proud to continue the legacy of the YFBP that not only allows young farmers to develop best business practices, but to foster networks of the next generation of farmers that continue to be the back bone of rural and remote communities across NSW.

Her passion for life long learning is demonstrated through her own educational pursuits where she is currently in her second year of studying for her Masters in Business Administration.

Vicki is very people focused and you can't miss her at any of the YFBP networking events where she will be leading the fun, taking photos of all the participants, and encouraging everyone to make the most of networking opportunities.

You can reach out to Vicki at or on 0436 454 533.

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Emma Cliffton - Project Officer

Emma is based out of Walcha and runs two beef cattle farms with her partner, one property north of Armidale NSW and the other in Walcha NSW. Emma and her partner work full time off farm and lease their Armidale property which helped them get a foot in the farming door. They focused on trading cattle to help generate cash flow and save enough money to purchase their farm in Walcha.

Emma grew up on a mixed farming property at Loomberah NSW in the Peel Valley. Here her family focused on beef cattle and lucerne hay production. Emma is passionate about helping other young farmers and their journey to become a first-generation farmer, contractor, leasee or sharecropper. In her spare time, Emma loves to play hockey, show cattle with her mum, and hang out with her favourite pup Echo.  

You can reach Emma at or on 0447 655 163.

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Anne Egan - Assistant Project Officer

Anne is based out of the beautiful Central Coast, and grew up on the South Coast where both sides of her family had farming interests. Anne’s great-grandfather also had the grain and merchandise store in Nowra for decades situated in what is now called Egan’s Lane.  She is passionate about helping young people be the best version of themselves and the promotion of education.

Anne has extensive background in government having worked for more than 10 years in Regional Coordination, the Office for Regional Youth and now Young Farmer Business Program.

In her spare time, she loves to travel regionally, bake and spend time with her family.

Anne can be reached on e: or m: 0482 851 844

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